My Favorite Kids’ Sites

Here are a few unusually good games and learning sites for kids.

Math – A Plus Math

The easiest way to learn your basic math is with flash cards, and this site has it all automated. If you’re having trouble with certain numbers, use the Non-java flash cards. For speed, use your computer’s Numbers keypad and Enter key. Besides automated math flash cards, this site also has practise for counting money and telling time.

Fly a helicopter

A very realistic helicopter game. Win by successfully flying through all four levels. Lots of fun.


This is one of the better concentration games. It delivers a score as well as timing. A good way to see if your memory works.

Simon Game

An excellent Simon game found on the Kidz Page. Another memory game.


Here’s a great one-person online Scrabble game. It has almost all of the features of Scabble automated.

Tic Tac Toe Strategy

This link is to a strategy page for Tic Tac Toe. You open the game in another window, and then you can either play or use it to learn how to win or draw . . . but never lose. It’s all mathematics.

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