What the World Needs Most

If the world would come together and be willing to spend, say, $50 billion over the next five years on improving the state of the world, which projects would yield the greatest net benefits?
That’s the question answered by the Copenhagen Consensus.

Here are the results for 2006.

On the top of the list are

  • Communicable diseases
  • Sanitation and water
  • Education
  • Malnutrition

Financial instability, conflict prevention and climate change are at the bottom of the list.

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One Response to “What the World Needs Most”

  1. madmouser Says:

    A note to the Elite:

    I guess it proves that the people are smarter than they look! Don’t underestimate the average bloke, he might just jump up and suckerpunch your lights out if you get too arrogant.

    Right now, he just nods his head in disbelief and goes on about his business, but he can be pushed too far.

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