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Spring is here

March 17, 2009


I love the seasons, but I’ve become more aware since I hung the blue birdfeeder a couple of years ago.   The pesky squirrel, the woodpecker, the doves, the rain – all, technically,  data visualizations in a digital world telling a story.

Squirrel at Bird Feeder

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April 15, 2008

EagerEyes, under Visualization Techniques, has a wonderful post called Treemaps

Digg Labs

December 22, 2007

Anyone familiar with the power of Digg will love what Digg Labs is doing. Its visualization projects go far to Digg Labsprovide a broader and deeper view of Digg.

Pics – Digg Pics tracks the activity of images on the site. Images slide in from the left as people Digg and submit them.

Arc – Digg Arc displays stories, topics, and containers wrapped around a sphere. Arcs trail people as they Digg stories across topics. Stories with more Diggs make thicker arcs.

BigSpy – Digg BigSpy places stories at the top of the screen as they are dugg. As new stories are dugg, older stories move down the list. Bigger stories have more Diggs.

Stack – Digg Stack shows diggs occurring in real time on up to 100 stories at once. Diggers fall from above and stack up on popular stories. Brightly colored stories have more Diggs.

Swarm – Digg Swarm draws a circle for stories as they’re dugg. Diggers swarm around stories, and make them grow. Brightly colored stories have more Diggs.

What’s with Ireland and Multiple Sclerosis?

March 2, 2007

The Rate of MS in Ireland (.25%) is almost twice that of the U.S. (.13%) and the U.K. (.14%).


I ask this in honor of National MS Education and Awareness Month (March), MS Awareness Week (March 13-17), Irish-American Heritage Month (March) and of St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) coming soon.

Thanks to tree map visualization by Many-Eyes, we can see the percentage of population with MS by over 60 countries including Ireland. Data was obtained from Multiple Sclerosis International Federation and CIA Worldbook.

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